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Arts Program

QSI Shenzhen students benefit from comprehensive Music and Art programs from Early Years through Secondary IV. In Art classes, students express form, color, and space through a variety of tools and techniques with a view to bringing perception and growth in art appreciation to the individual student. Music classes consist of elements of ear-training, song, movement and interpretation, music theory, and music history with a view to public performances during the year. Students from two to thirteen years old participate in Art and Music classes on a regular basis, and as students progress into Secondary, their Fine Arts opportunities expand to include Photography, Film, and a vibrant Drama program. These course offerings celebrate creative expression and contribute to the well-rounded education students receive from QSI Shenzhen.

Music Program at QSI Shenzhen


Art Program at QSI Shenzhen


Beginners and experienced performers alike can find a place in QSI's secondary drama program where we emphasize personal growth through creative risk-taking. Whether students choose to enroll in drama class, participate in the student-led drama club, or be a part of one of our annual productions, drama students take part in a feedback driven process where experimentation, play, and attention to detail are emphasized. Members of our troupe, the Dragon Players, can also join the theater honor organization, the International Thespian Society.