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Student Support

QSI Shenzhen Student Support Team (SST)


At QSI Shenzhen, the Student Support Team (SST) is dedicated to assisting students who may be facing academic challenges and supporting the neurodiverse student population. The SST upholds a culture of growth mindset, advocacy, and educational equity, striving to ensure success for every learner.

The SST at QSI Shenzhen collaborates closely with classroom teachers, parents, guardians, and school counselors to provide the best possible support. We employ various methods, such as classroom adjustments, accommodations, push-in, pull-out, and one-on-one assistance, to enable students facing difficulties and neurodivergent students to have equal opportunities for success. We also offer small group interventions to support our students in achieving mastery.

For students who have current psycho-educational evaluations and a resultant diagnosis upon enrollment, the SST develops personalized learning support plans (step 3 plans) that outline required accommodations, specific goals, and student background. This ensures that students receive tailored support based on their individual needs.

When students do not have psycho-educational evaluations and resultant diagnoses but exhibit consistent academic struggles, the SST follows a 3-step process. It begins with a pre-referral process (step 1 plan) and proceeds to provide teachers with recommended adjustments and teaching strategies (step 2 plan).


Who Are the SST?

The QSI Shenzhen SST comprises a Director of Student Support, special education teachers, student support teachers, and student support paraprofessionals, offering students varying levels of support according to their needs. This support extends to staff members as well as we are engaged in providing professional development opportunities and a multitude of resources that can be used to further enrich our inclusive classrooms.

Our highly trained specialist teachers can focus on areas such as reading, writing, phonological awareness, mathematics, executive functioning, academic accommodations, and testing support. Additionally, the team implements targeted best practice interventions, utilizing various data sources to promote student growth. The SST collaborates frequently with outside service providers, and we are able to facilitate speech and language, occupational, and physical therapy through our contacts in the Shenzhen community as well as evidence based diagnostic assessments and other, more specific services a child may need.

What Facilities do we Have?

To facilitate support, QSI Shenzhen has dedicated learning support spaces across its campuses. These spaces include offices for pull-out support, which also serve as relaxing environments equipped with therapeutic tools for students needing a quiet workspace or sensory breaks. Furthermore, classrooms are equipped with calm down corners and sensory tools to ensure that a wider student population can benefit from the services and support provided by the SST.