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Health and Safety

The goal of the QSI Shenzhen Health Services is to promote health and safety within its community of learners and stakeholders. Education research clearly shows that students that are healthy and happy are better able to master new concepts and share their ideas with others.  

As safety is a priority, each campus has an appointed school nurse through our partnership with Distinct Health Clinic. All nurses are trained to deal with any accidents or emergency situations that may arise, and they are available during the school day as well as extra-curricular activities. Physical Education teachers and coaches are also trained to handle emergencies that may occur during physical activities and have received training in CPR and AED use. All campuses are equipped with necessary health and safety equipment including AEDs. 

Students are prepared to handle other emergency situations by practicing fire, earthquake, and lock-down drills on a regular basis throughout the school year. 

In response to Covid-19, all students have their temperature checked each day before they enter the school building. Temperatures are also checked during the school day to quickly notice any illnesses that may arise. Hand sanitizing stations can be found throughout each building and hand sanitizer is available in each classroom. Precautionary measures are also in place in lunch rooms to minimize the spread of disease during lunch time.