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The purpose of QSI Shenzhen’s School Counseling Department is to maximize student success by attending to each student’s social and emotional needs. School counselors are uniquely trained to support students in an academic setting as vital members of the school leadership team. Our role as school counselors is to support QSI’s mission of “Success for All” by designing and delivering a comprehensive program that helps to increase positive student outcomes.

Each of QSI Shenzhen’s four campuses has a dedicated School Counselor whose primary duties are to:

  • Advocate for students.
  • Provide individual student academic planning and goal setting.
  • Facilitate classroom lessons based on QSI Success Orientations or SOs
  • Provide short-term solution-focused brief counseling to students.
  • Provide outside counselor/therapy referrals for long-term student support.
  • Collaborate with families, teachers, Directors of Instruction, and/or the community for student success.
  • Attend student-focused meetings with teachers, staff, parents and/or Directors of Instruction.
  • Analyze data to identify student issues, needs, and challenges.

The mission of QSI Shenzhen’s School Counseling Program is to nurture and inspire all students to achieve their highest potential. This is done by addressing their academic, college/career, personal and social development. The School Counseling Department strives to prepare students to become responsible, lifelong learners who demonstrate a global perspective based on an understanding of multi-cultural learning and the dynamic, diverse experiences of themselves and others.


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