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Innovation in Creation - Drama

Innovation in Creation - Drama
QSI Shenzhen

This week, the QSI Dragon Players theatre group is putting on a delightful treat that will entertain comedy and Harry Potter fans alike. Titled Puffs - or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic - the laugh-out-loud parody follows a lovable group of young wizards in training from the Harry Potter universe, only the plot focuses on Hufflepuffs (or 'Puffs') and sidelines the 'usual' known heroes.

The students take on this ambitious project with remarkable skill and innovation employing diverse theatre conventions and approaches. Student actors juggle multiple roles and personas, sometimes switching within a matter of minutes.

Dr. Blackwood, one of our IB teachers, applauds the students for this breathtakingly creative approach to problem-solving. In overcoming the limitations inherent in such a production regardless of the venue, the students showcase part of what makes QSI Shenzhen so special - a sense of community, sincerity and engagement.

Nate Fleming, a teacher at Secondary, has been leading the QSI Dragon Players for the past 4 years, with increasingly daring productions. Even as the director in name, he sees himself as handing over the creative reins to the student group, allowing for a unique blend of self-motivation, leadership, mutual support and thespian flourish to bloom.

We are so proud of the energy and spirit put into this undertaking, one that exemplifies QSI spirit and many of our Success Orientations. Bravo!