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Every Student, Every Opportunity



QSI Shenzhen's 'Every Student Every Opportunity' Annual Giving Campaign encompasses a number of exciting, planned developments, refurbishment projects and support for our Scholarship program.

All of these projects are vital components of ensuring that all QSI Shenzhen's students have the same opportunities and learning experiences. Providing a unique opportunity for our community to contribute and stay connected in a meaningful way, the Fundraising Program is committed to fairness, justice and taking action to help others, as well as investing in people and places so our young students are equipped to make a positive difference in the world. They will help the school in fulfilling its mission to prepare confident and capable students able to contribute to a global community.

Learn more about the work of QSI Fundraising Program by watching our video below.

QSI Giving Day


Why raise funds?

A culture of generosity and giving allows us to go above and beyond what tuition provides. As a non-profit schools, we are following strict codes  allocating incoming tuition to all areas ensuring smooth operations. However, additional funds would enable us to to enhance ongoing maintenance and truly transform and push the boundaries of education. With the support of our community, we can go the "extra mile' and make our students' experience a little more special.  




Mr. Benjamin Eckart

Director of Admissions & Marketing at QSI Shenzhen

Make a Gift

The QSI Shenzhen Foundation provides tax deductible vehicles that help deliver programs and projects that will have a lasting and powerful impact on the educational journey of our students.

To make a gift, please go to the Giving Pledge page or contact us via email or call (0755) 2680 6392.