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Why QSI?

My family has been closely bound to QSI Shenzhen since 2007, and I would like to express my appreciation for all that QSI has done for my girls. My daughters both began attending QSI in 2007, and one graduated in 2017 and the other will be graduating this year. 

When my daughters were in pre-school and elementary grades, they were always showered with love and care at school. They learned that they were at QSI to be loved. In middle school, teachers helped my girls to respect others and take initiative. They could enjoy themselves in various activities that the school provided, under the staff's warm care. They were also taught to be independent learners and thinkers. The Secondary is the place that they blossomed and all they had learned in previous years at QSI became apparent. QSI always provided valuable opportunities for them. They were encouraged to create and participate in various activities that helped them develop into responsible, respectful, and independent people. Based on what they have learned and experienced at QSI they can spread their wings with confidence. Thank you, QSI, for guiding and shaping their future!!!

“After some bad experiences elsewhere, we very carefully checked the environment and set-up in QSI. After our son came back from a trial day in QSI Shenzhen, China we were totally convinced. So far we have never regretted this decision.”

- Gabriela, 13 YO Parent, Germany

We chose QSI because of the welcoming attitude towards my son and of course the good reputation in Shenzhen. And I’m glad we did. My son started learning English from zero and after 6 months in QSI, he didn’t need the intensive English program anymore. This is thanks to the wonderful teacher team in PLE campus. The most important thing is that he loves going to school every day. 

- Elina, 7YO Parent, Norway

This is our second year in QSI. My daughter loves to go to school every day, and enjoys learning with fun. We highly appreciate all the nice and professional teachers. The greatest thing about our school is our success orientations, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Kindness, and Politeness, which are crucial for the children's growth.

- Hui, 7YO Parent, Hong Kong

QSI Shenzhen has been an easy transition for my children from the American curriculum they were used to in the US. As a parent I feel QSI is better at incorporating creative, expressive, and active learning. I like to see the kids thinking and learning outside the box. I love coming to see them make presentations. My children really enjoy being able to participate in the the different activity classes that help them explore hobbies that they might not otherwise get to try like 3D printing, STEM challenges, badminton, or Dragon TV. My children are happier here then they’ve been at any other school we’ve been to, abroad or at home. And that is what I love the most. 

- Rachel 5YO, 7YO, 9YO, 11YO Parent, USA